Cindy Yuan

Cindy Yuan | SAP





In Spring 2017, I joined SAP’s IT Enterprise Mobility team as a UI/UX Design Intern. Our team was responsible for designing and developing a wide variety of iOS and SAP UI5 apps for increasing employee productivity. One of the apps that I worked on was a gamified learning application for promoting knowledge and training in different aspects of the company. Following Fiori (SAP’s design system) design guidelines, I created iterations of visual mockups and interactive prototypes to improve the experience of the admin portal. Throughout my internship, I worked closely with developers to refine my designs and bring them from concept to production. I also revamped the launch icons for over 15 different apps, establishing a cleaner and more consistent style.

During my internship, our team had the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop with Apple, where we worked together to jumpstart the redesign of SAP’s mobile app for all campus resources and affairs. Together, we crafted a “golden thread”, a story to tie together all the use cases of the app, followed by wireframe whiteboarding sessions and finally high-fidelity screens.

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My internship with SAP was my first time working for a large, multinational company. I learned how to use the constraints and guidelines of a design system to streamline and enhance my designs. I also experienced the importance of scalability when it comes to designing for a company that is as big and globally present as SAP and felt it take effect during our design decisions.